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Kellyville Ridge Rubbish Removal Done Today. Kellyville Ridge is a Sydney suburb in the Australian state of New South Wales. Kellyville Ridge is located in the City of Blacktown, 41 kilometres north-west of Sydney’s central business district. It is included in Greater Western Sydney. The ridge, the dominant topographical feature of vertical significance in the northern half of the territory, inspired the name of the suburb. Kellyville Ridge is supposed to be the site of the Castle Hill Rebellion (also known as the Second Battle of Vinegar Hill); numerous roads and reserves in Kellyville are named after it, and a memorial was erected at Castlebrook Lawn Cemetery in 1988. Kellyville Ridge was previously part of Kellyville until becoming a distinct suburb in 2002 when the section west of Windsor Road was renamed. Kellyville Ridge is one of Sydney’s fastest expanding neighbourhoods. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics population projections, Kellyville Ridge and neighbouring communities experienced the highest increase in Sydney in 2013–14. With a 9% rise in population in a year, the neighbourhood saw one of metropolitan Sydney’s quickest growth rates. Get Mr Junk Rubbish Removal to clean up your home today with Rubbish Removal for Kellyville Ridge with one call to our fast City of Sydney wide rubbish and junk removal hotline. Get your head clear with our fast, friendly service so all your rubbish is gone from your Kellyville Ridge home. One call does it all. – 

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