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Rushcutters Bay Rubbish Removal Done Today. Rushcutters Bay is a Sydney Harbour neighbourhood named for the bay from which it draws its name. Elizabeth Bay, Darlinghurst, Paddington, and Darling Point are nearby suburbs. Kings Cross is a town in Western Australia. The region was initially called as ‘Rush Cutting Bay’ after British occupation because the marshy ground was covered in tall rushes utilised by early settlers for thatching dwellings. Rushcutters Bay Park, surrounded by New South Head Road and the bay in Sydney Harbour, was established in 1878, with 2 hectares (6 acres) set aside for pleasure. During the Summer Olympics in 2000, Sydney Harbour’s bay hosted sailing sports. Get Mr Junk Rubbish Removal to clean up your home today with Rubbish Removal for Rushcutters Bay with one call to our fast City of Sydney wide rubbish and junk removal hotline. Get your head clear with our fast, friendly service so all your rubbish is gone from your Rushcutters Bay home. One call does it all. – 

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Rubbish Removal​ in Rushcutters Bay

Our friendly and upbeat team provides rubbish removal for all metro areas around Sydney inlcuding Rushcutters Bay.

We will remove all of your rubbish in Rushcutters Bay. Call today and have all of your rubbish removed with no fuss.

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  • E Waste
  • Business Waste
  • Green Waste
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  • Landscaping Waste
  • End of Lease Waste, Junk and Furniture

Larger items that may be difficult to move can be removed by our capable team.

In most cases we can come on the same day you call for Rushcutters Bay. Call today and we can schedule a convenient time.

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