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Centennial Park Rubbish Removal Done Today. A variety of wild creatures, including birds, rabbits, and foxes, may be seen in Centennial Park. It also houses several equestrian schools and other domestic animal endeavours, such as the Centennial Park Rabbit Retreat, a boarding facility for bunnies in the Centennial Park and Paddington region. The western edge of the area is residential and is located inside the City of Sydney. Centennial Park began as a reserve to safeguard the central ponds and wetlands that provided early Sydney with water. When the Nepean water supply system took over in the 1880s, it was decided to establish a big park, which opened as Centennial Park in 1888. In the 2016 Census, there were 2,376 people in Centennial Park. Get Mr Junk Rubbish Removal to clean up your home today with Rubbish Removal for Centennial Park with one call to our fast City of Sydney wide rubbish and junk removal hotline. Get your head clear with our fast, friendly service so all your rubbish is gone from your Centennial Park home. One call does it all. – 

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Centennial Park Removal of Rubbish

Our friendly and upbeat team provides rubbish removal for all metro areas around Sydney inlcuding Centennial Park.

Removing all of your rubbish, our Sydney team can dispose of all of the waste. Our Sydney based team work to remove all rubbish that has been driving you crazy. Call today and have all of your rubbish removed with no fuss.

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